Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camp Wiki is Live -- Roll Your Own!

Posted by KatrinVerclas on May 22, 2009

With the proliferation of interest in Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps around the world, we have now put up a wiki to keep track of and provide resources for this growing movement of M4Change Camps.  The wiki includes a detaied FAQ on how you can run your own Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camp (because this small team here is, well, very small!).  Spread the love and roll a camp in your town!

Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps are local events for people passionate about using mobile technology for social impact and to make the world a better place.

Each event includes interactive discussions, hands-on-demos, collaborative scheming about ways to use, develop, and deploy mobile technologies in health, advocacy, economic development, environment, human rights, citizen media, to name a few areas.  

Participants for Mobile Tech 4 Social Change barcamps include nonprofits, mobile app developers, researchers, donors, intermediary organizations, and mobile operators, and anyone passionate about the topic.

Upcoming camps include London and Haifax this Saturday, Barcelona on June 20 with Mobile 2.0, Nairobi on June 27th with Stratmore University, and camps in Israel, South Africa, Tanzania in July and August.

Check out the new wiki for more Mobile Tech 4 Social Change goodness, learn how to run your own, and see (finally) session notes from M4Change camps present and future.  (And if you go there, you'll even catch a glimpse of our new logo which we'll roll officially with our new website...)  

Photo courtesy who took amazing pics in San Francisco. For more pics of #M4change camps and how engaged peope are, go here.

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