The Mobile Minute: Cyber-Utopians, Hacking a Base Station, mBillionth Awards

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Aug 02, 2010

Today's Mobile Minute brings you coverage on why the the idea of a "cyber-utopia" is flawed, a demonstration of a hacked phone tower, a report on Alabama's increasingly mobile-based news consumption, licensing iPad and iPhone apps from the New York Times, and mBillionth's mobile awards.

  • The mBillionth Awards, held on July 23rd, celebrated the South Asian mobile industry. Covering everything from m-health and m-education to m-tourism (and seven other categories), the awards uncovered new projects and products in South East Asia.  

[Mobile Minute Disclaimer: The Mobile Minute is a quick round-up of interesting stories that have come across our RSS and Twitter feeds to keep you informed of the rapid pace of innovation. Read them and enjoy them, but know that we have not deeply investigated these news items. For more in-depth information about the ever-growing field of mobile tech for social change, check out our blog posts, white papers and research, how-tos, and case studies.]

Image courtesy Flickr user QiFei


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