India: Justice for Jessical Lal -- via SMS?

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Mar 15, 2006

From India: The "Justice for Jessica Lal" campaign is fueled by  massive sms campaigns across the country. 

In Mumbai, "TV news channel NDTV launched a "Fight for Jessica Lal" campaign to garner support for a fresh trail in the ‘Jessica Lal murder case’ where all the nine prime accused were "honoroubly" discharged by a Delhi sessions court this week. (Lal, a model, was filling in as a bartender in a posh south Delhi restaurant when she was shot in the wee hours of 30 April 1999 after she reportedly refused to serve liquor to Manu Sharma, the son of Haryana Excise Minister Vinod Sharma."  Sharma was recently acquitted.  

Fueled by SMS petition campaigns by all of the major media outlets, people are organizing, mobilizing, and expressing their dismay at the Indian justice system.  For some of the stories, see here, and here,  NDTV's Justice for Jessicca sms campaign site is here.

Quotes: "“There was a lot of anger to begin with, but as talk of the case being reopened picked up, and a media campaign for Jessica began, the mood started lifting around weekend. The fact that popular pressure, in the form of SMS and all that, seems to be working is also a great source of excitement,”

"Gone are the days when SMSes were meant only for exchanging trivia. From choosing the voice of the nation to even initiating a movement meant to reopen a murder case, SMSes these days are playing a major role in voicing the opinion of the nation."


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