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Featured Case Study

Drop by Drop Gets the Pump: KickStart’s Mobile Layaway Service for Small-Scale Farmers

In September 2010, KickStart launched a pilot mobile layaway service to help small-scale farmers purchase irrigation pumps. KickStart is a non-profit organization that develops and markets new technologies to help local entrepreneurs establish new small businesses.The mobile layaway service allows farmers to make incremental payments over a mobile phone by leveraging M-PESA, a mobile banking platform that is popular in Kenya and elsewhere.

The mobile layaway service is referred to as Tone Kwa Tone Pata Pump, which is Swahili for "Drop by Drop Gets the Pump". Though only nine customers have signed up for the service since the pilot was launched one month ago, the experience has provided insight on future approaches for an expanded mobile layaway service.

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Featured Mobile Tool

Wordpress Mobile Pack

This plug-in takes a site, and mobile-optimizes it. The back-end remains the same as and is therefore easy to edit and upload content to. The desktop version of the site remains the same as well. What the plug-in adds is the ability for mobile viewers to see a website that is easy to navigate on a mobile handset. Auto-detection of mobile phones, conversion of widgets, and many more features are included.

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Featured How-to

How to Mobile-Optimize a Wordpress Website

Publishing for the mobile web is an important way to reach audiences on mobile phones. This screencast demonstrates an easy-to-use tool that can enable many content producers pubish for the mobile web. has developed software which lets many around the world create websites fairly easily. This tool, the Wordpress Mobile Pack, makes it easy for those web publishers to now publish on the mobile web.

In this short how-to video, we show easy it is install the Wordpress Mobile Pack and generate a mobile version of websites, along with pointers to the more advanced features of the software.

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