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Vodafone Americas Foundation™ announces call for entries for annual Wireless Innovation Project™ and mHealth Alliance Award

The Vodafone Americas Foundation and the mHealth Alliance are announcing a call for entries for the annual Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project mHealth Alliance Award, a competition to identify and support promising wireless-related technologies to address critical social issues around the globe. Proposals will be accepted from September 27, 2010 through December 15, 2010, with the final winners announced in April 2011.

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How to Set Up an SMS System

SMS is everywhere, in an amazing diversity of applications. From enabling 'instant protest' in the Philippines, Spain and Albania, to election monitoring in Ghana, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone to HIV/AIDS education and support in Mexico and South Africa, we've seen that 160 characters can make a difference.

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M4Girls: Empowering Female Students

The following is the executive summary of M4Girls, prepared by the Mindset Network and Neil Butcher and Associates, and reprinted here with permission from Mindset.


The M4girls project is a partnership between Nokia, Mindset Network, and the Department of Education (North West Province/South Africa) to test the provision of educational content on a mobile phone platform to girl learners. The project targeted the development of Mathematics competencies in Grade Ten girl learners from underserved communities, and aimed to empower girl learners in the following ways:

Access to mathematics (as a pilot subject area and driven by priority areas in education in South Africa);

Exposure to a complementary platform of curriculum-aligned Mathematics content (Mindset content) on mobile phones; and

Exposure to technology in the form of mobile phones.

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Nokia Data Gathering

Nokia Data Gathering provides two pieces of software:

  • Server-side software that lets users create surveys that can be sent to the mobile phones.
  • Mobile phone software that can download the exact surveys, allow data collectors to fill them out, and send back to the server where the surveys were created. The survey responses can include camera and GPS data when available.
  • Servier-side software to analyze the data that comes back in from mobile phones, and GUIs (graphical user interfaces) to manage devices, survey creation, as well as data analysis.

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