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Two New Case Studies: Farm Radio, Freedom Fone, Audio Blogging, and Bollywood!

We have two new case studies for you to check out.

Both studies are part of the Mobile Media Toolkit that will include many other case studies, how-to guides, resources, and tools on how use mobile phones for reporting, content delivery, and citizen participation, to be puplished later this month.

The first case study looks at how Freedom Fone was deployed at two farm radio stations in Africa. We look at what worked, what didn't, and how integrated voice technology can help enhance radio. You can even listen to an IVR jingle with the sound of local drums from the Morogoro region of Tanzania.

The second case study looks at Bubbly, an audio blogging platform that is making strides in India.

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Featured How-to

How to Mobile-Optimize a Wordpress Website

Publishing for the mobile web is an important way to reach audiences on mobile phones. This screencast demonstrates an easy-to-use tool that can enable many content producers pubish for the mobile web. has developed software which lets many around the world create websites fairly easily. This tool, the Wordpress Mobile Pack, makes it easy for those web publishers to now publish on the mobile web.

In this short how-to video, we show easy it is install the Wordpress Mobile Pack and generate a mobile version of websites, along with pointers to the more advanced features of the software.

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Featured Case Study

VeriCorder Mobile Video Editing

VeriCorder enables users with smartphones to record sound and video with their phones, import video and audio clips, create clips from multiple sources and share the finished clips online. 

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