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Women and Mobiles: Voices from our Tech Salon

Last week's tech salon, "Mobiles for Women and Women in Mobiles," brought together practitioners, researchers, and mobile developers. The event highlighted both the amazing women working in the field of mobiles, and also showcased the promise that mobiles offer to improve the lives of women and girls around the world.

Designed to encourage discussion, the tech salon featured both presentations and an open marketplace, where attendees mingled and shared their work and experiences. 

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Mapping SMS Incident Reports: A Review of Ushahidi and Managing News

In this how-to, we test out two systems for SMS incident mapping. Incident mapping is a simple but powerful concept that does what it says - using SMS to report a given incidence and mapping the data geographically.

It has been used in various scenarios ranging from reports from natural disasters to tracking violent crime, citizen reporting in elections.

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Featured Case Study

SMS SOS: Reporting Gender-Based Violence in Haiti

Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January, thousands of internally displaced persons are living in camps, where it is often not easy to report incidences of violence. An ongoing project from Survivors Connect uses mobile phones to support camp managers and community leaders to protect women and encourage people to report incidences. The project, called Ayiti SMS SOS -- Ayiti comes from the Creole word for Haiti -- allows individuals to submit reports via SMS.

Survivors Connect is an organization that works to enhance anti-trafficking movements around the world through the use of new media and connective technology. Survivors Connect partners with grassroots organizations to incorporate new technology to help improve on-the-ground efforts toward protection, prosecution, and prevention.

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Featured Case Study

VoxPilot VoxBuilder

VoxBuilder ODE (Online Development Environment) is a hosted VoiceXML Platform which allows developers to host/test VoiceXML-based Applications on a remote VoiceXML gateway. Similar to other web-based VoiceXML development platforms, such as Tellme Studio, BeVocal etc., voxBuilder provides an external VoiceXML gateway and a configuration application to connect live telephony numbers/extensions with the VoiceXML-based telephony applications. voxPilot provides the environment free for the initial design and development. The application can then be deployed within Europe for a fee. VoxBuilder supports testing of VoiceXML applications from multiple countries by providing local numbers.

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