Boost Mobile RockCorps Gives Teenage Voluntarism A Boost

190886384 Ffe93734De M In these days of failing MVNO results one MVNO here in the States, Boost Mobile (a lifestyle-based youth brand this is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel Corporation) is trying to give itself a boost while boosting the hope of teenagers (their target consumers) around the country. In what appears to involve no other mobile marketing campaign other then the name "Boost Mobile" appearing in the billboards, the MVNO has teamed up with the RockCorps volunteerism program to teach Americas youth about the power of volunteering and community caring.

"Boost Mobile RockCorps" (BMRC) is offering young music fans the chance to earn tickets to see Coldplay, 50 Cent, Eminem, Green Day, Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, and Van's Warped tour this summer in exchange for four hours of service to their communities. Boost Mobile RockCorps is partnering with non-profit organizations again this year to plan more volunteer projects in major metropolitan areas around the U.S. In exchange for contributing four hours of volunteers work, youth volunteers will receive tickets to signature Boost Mobile RockCorps concerts or popular music events in their area. BMRC is now recruiting members through youth-oriented radio, websites, urban guerilla marketing and more. In other words, they are making volunteering cool. It uses the power of music to connect kids to their community.

The BMRC is coming to New York and signs are beginning to pop up around the city asking kids to "Give 4 Hours, Get One Ticket" for the concert that will take place at Radio City Music Hall on August 23rd 2006.

Last year BMRC motivated more than 6,000 young people to get involved and help their community and inevitably become part of a youth movement for social change.

You can’t buy a ticket; you can’t win a ticket; you have to earn a ticket! It’s all about doing community service.

Boost Wireless has approximately 2.6 million customers - the majority of which are under the age of 25 and they are famous for their walkie-talkie product. But it remains unclear what the wireless company is doing with their wireless technology to promote or be used via the Rockcorps activism if at all.

Seems like a great cause and great branding for Boost Wireless though.

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