April Events Roundup

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Apr 01, 2011

What's happening in the world of mobiles? Check out the MobileActive event calendar for the best conferences, events and developer meetings happening this month!

  • 1 April, Mobile Security Hackday (New York City, USA): It's no joke, MobileActive is hosting a hackday in our new digs. This casual, day-long event will help you better understand mobile and digital network security as we discuss tools for enhanced security, profile open-source tools and allow time to talk about security needs and issues.
  • 6-8 April, The Mobile Learning Experience (Phoenix, USA): Interested in learning how apps and mobile devices can be used in K-12 classrooms? The Mobile Learning experience is a three-day event that focuses on everything from using apps to improve writing to incorporating mobile devices into traditional teaching.
  • 6-7 April, M-Commerce World Summit 2011 (Singapore): The M-Commerence World Summit looks at mobile money transfers and payments, mobile remittances, mobile banking (including among unbanked populations) and microfinance services.
  • 8-9 April, National Conference for Media Reform 2011 (Boston, USA): This conference brings together experts in the fields of media, technology and democracy to look at how all three can be used to create better, more open systems. Themes include: Policy and Politics, Social Justice and Movement Building, Journalism and Public Media, Media Makers & Culture and the Arts, and Technology and Innovation.
  • 14-15 April, Thinking Mobile (Johannesburg, South Africa): If you're looking for a way to use mobiles for marketing, this corporate-focused event could be for you. The conference is focused on helping businesses create mobile strategies.
  • 16 April, Developer Day: Android and 3D (London, UK): Want to build 3D applications for Android? Vodafone and Sony Ericsson are hosting a one-day workshop for developers who want to work on building new apps.
  • 18-19 April, Mobile Research Conference 2011 (London, UK): The Mobile Marketing Association is hosting a conference; the event is mainly targeted toward corporations that want to build up their mobile presence and reach new customers.
  • 18-20 April, Planet of the Apps Arabia (Dubai, UAE): This event is described as a "strategic conference, a dedicated developer masterclass and a technology showcase exhibition." There are workshops on everything from using apps to drive growth and engage with customers, as well as app design lectures and social media primers.
  • 26-27 April, Human Rights and Technology Conference (Berkeley, USA): This event brings together human rights practitioners and technologists to discuss the progress, successes, and challenges of using technology for human rights. Topics include: mobile data collection, mapping and geospatial innovations, security, databases and database management, and long-range data transmission.

Photo via Flickr user Martin Deutsch


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