10+ Ways to Get Involved with MobileActive.org

Posted by anoushrima on Oct 11, 2010

As we continue the MobileActive 5-Year Birthday Celebration & Community Hurrah, here are some ways to interact with and contribute to the community. MobileActive.org is YOU - a network of people using mobile tech for their social change work. It is powered by the contributions of individuals and organizations working across the interdisciplinary world of mobiles for social impact and development, and this website and resources are here to support you in your work.

So, here are 10+ Ways to Get Involved with MobileActive.org:

1. Keep up with the latest: Twitter, Facebook & RSS Feed

Find us on Twitter (@mobileactive) and on Facebook. We regularly distribute news and information about latest resources and information through these channels. Connect with others in the community and share news about events, resources or opportunities that you hear about. Leave your feedback/comments on what resources have been helpful, and what you’d like to see more of.

You can also subscribe to our RSS feed for full and instant gratification of everything we post, including new research which is added to the m-Directory.

2. Read our monthly newsletter

Get the monthly newsletter by signing up! They are fun and easy to read (even on your mobile-device!) and chock-full of useful resources, latest news, and roundups of upcoming events around the world.

Starting this Fall we’ll also be publishing quarterly thematic round-ups dedicated to latest news, research and information on targeted topics.  The first one will be focused on mobile data collection tools and resources. Sign up!

3. Participate in conversations about M4D by joining the MobileActive Discuss list

There are now 700 MobileActives on the Discuss list. They are researchers, practitioners, NGO staff, students, telcom employees, donors, and tech vendors who all have a passion for and an interest in mobile tech for social impact. The group shares ideas and knowledge, answers queries, and posts grants and job opportunities. Click here to join.

4. Comment/give feedback on our content

We want to know what you think. Did a blog post, report, or How-To raise more questions for you as a practitioner, or inspire you to think of other concerns/questions you think your peers should be asking? Have additional information about a given topic? Leave us a comment.

5. Contribute to the Mobile Minute by tagging articles with #mobilemin

You may have noticed our new feature called the Mobile Minute - a quick round-up of interesting stories that have come across our RSS and Twitter feeds.

If you see an article of interest that you think should be incorporated, tag it #mobilemin

6. Come to (or present at) one of our many community events

Because we believe that our community of practice is created through participatory and peer-driven gatherings where people can meet and begin to trust each other, we frequently organizes international events, workshops, trainings, and mobile camps (and they are always fun).

We publicize our events here on this site, on Twitter and on Facebook - and often make calls for presenters/speakers, or projects to demo.  

7. Tag your Flickr pics with MobileActive.org

If you attended (or hosted) an event with people in the MobileActive community and have some good shots, upload them to Flickr and tag with “MobileActive.org” (or #m4change”) and contribute to the pool. It’s great to see your lovely faces from all over the world! 

8. Host a #m4change camp or FailFaire

Because our network expands across the globe, MobileActives are encouraged to organize and host your own informal mobile-tech meetups, or more formal regional events!

Two popular events are #m4change camps (which are one-day participatory & interactive events focused on exploring mobile technology to advance social development and social change goals, open to anyone with passion and interest in the topic), and FailFaire (learning from failed projects focused on mobiles and ICTs in international development).

Check out the #m4Change wiki for documentation of M4Change events, or a guide on “How to Roll Your Own FailFaire.” If you are planning an event, drop us an email and let us know!

9. Contribute Content to the mDirectory

We love it when our community contributes content! If you work in this field, we welcome your contributions of case studies, mobile tools, research, and how-to guides to the mDirectory, the most comprehesive database of information on mobile tech for social change on the Web.

Once you register and create a log-in, it’s easy to contribute content to the mDirectory by following the quick entry forms.  Your content will be reviewed by a MobileActive.org editor and we’ll get back to you if we have any questions before publishing your contribution.

What type of things can you post?

We have a “data sheet” for key information (such as Contact information, Problem or Need, Description, Tool Maturity, Platform, Reviews/Evaluation) about mobile tools, apps, platforms or organizations. This resource can be helpful to organizations looking at available mobile technology options which may fit their needs.


Dear academics and researchers in our community, did you know that we also have an expansive collection of papers, theses, technical reports and white papers in our mDirectory? If you find any new research, please share it with the community by uploading the abstract, publication information and link to the full paper to the mDirectory!


Take a look at the format of our case studies, blog posts, and How-To Guides for guidance, and if you have a substantive case study, or technical How-To to write up, please send one our way. Blog posts can range from high-level takeaways from a recent event or workshop, a book/chapter review, or reflections on issues which you think others in the community could benefit from. 

10. Get in touch!

Have an inquiry (media interview, press, research, opportunities, partnership, consulting, suggestions, feedback, etc.)? Drop us a line and someone from the MobileActive staff in New York will connect you with whatever it is you’re looking for,. You can also send us an email to info at mobileactive dot org, and @ us at @mobileactive.org on Twitter.

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